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Bisphenol A: market renewed waves

Just three days, the bisphenol A market has gone from a weak to a sudden strong process, this change is also a moment of things. Weekly due to the lack of news, traders lack direction, there is no clear offer, but because of lack of confidence in the market outlook, there is no lack of low prices continue to stuck out. However, the factory in Shandong then released the news will be overhauled, the industry was very price emotions again initiation, to the afternoon began to sell low prices. Coupled with the rebound in crude oil and the raw material phenol ketone slightly pushed to the market to increase the assistant, especially in the Shandong factory cargo situation will be adjusted to 9,000 yuan / ton, the venue has also found a low price.

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But the price has just fluctuated at the beginning of the downstream just because the rigid demand for replenishment, followed by high intention is not strong. In the seller very price, the buyer lower prices, the negotiations barely went to 8900 yuan / ton. Although the wind on the waves, bisphenol A market once again usher in a good atmosphere, but the worries of the market outlook is still unabated. Not to mention the long-term trend of crude oil is not fully formed, the future is up or down there is a variable, just from the fundamentals, the overall good is not so strong, bisphenol A pull up the time is not so mature.

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Upstream, the raw material of phenol has indeed some signs of low pick up recently, the current negotiations in southern China narrowly pushed up to 6550-6650 yuan / ton, Jiangsu acetone is also finishing to 5250-5300 yuan / ton. May also be in the upstream raw material benzene outside the disk prices to maintain a strong state, but the space will not be too much, the cost of the role of bisphenol A lead is limited.

Supply and demand, the current domestic bisphenol A plant start load is indeed not high, especially this week, Shandong Lihua Yi also no warning parking maintenance, Sinopec Mitsubishi in the “area along the way” under the influence of low-load production, plus South Asia Plastics (Ningbo) Bisphenol A device parking maintenance, the supply will indeed have a small contraction. But after all, the northern factory started to be affected when the shorter supply is not blindly reduced. But there are different aspects of demand, especially in the epoxy resin, Huangshan area by the environmental inspection restrictions started to reduce the demand for raw materials capacity is also worse than the short term can not be immediately resumed start, demand will continue to weaken.

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Manufacturers generally digest the contract can be, there is not much replenishment needs, so even if the fried up for a moment to increase the enthusiasm of the downstream inquiry, but the substantial turnover is not easy with the high. And can also be seen from the current transaction, the inquiry is also increasing the number of downstream inquiry to the main direction, the real intention to replenish more than the main price, high prices still exist difficult. Manufacturers forced price, bisphenol A can also maintain a brief strong, but more and more difficult to more difficult, bisphenol A this time set off waves will also be in the lack of buying gradually restored calm.